How To Get High For The First Time

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For someone smoking marijuana for the first time, tests may detect it for about 3 days.. How to get marijuana out of the body faster. Proper hydration can prevent a drug test from showing unusually high THC concentrations.

It is nonpsychoactive, meaning it won't cause intoxication (read: it won't get you " high"). It is antioxidant, antianxiety, and anti-inflammatory. Studies are showing.

Some people say you don’t feel anything your first time; some people say it’s the best they’ve ever felt. Whatever the outcome, smoking weed for the first time can be climactic, anti.

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I though tthis would be the most appropriate forum to post this in. I’m quite new to marijuana and it’s taken me a few months to just find a dealer! Because I never hanged around with anyone who.

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The first time that I smoked weed, I didn’t get high AT ALL. I didn’t even get a buzz. And, I did inhale and hold it like you’re supposed to. It is extremely uncommon for someone not to get high their first time, but it can happen.

let me help you with my 3 years with experience wich is nothin compared to other people here in this community —–ok dude first of all just calm tha heck down! dont freak out.theres a possibility that u might not even get high because its ur first time.its like smokin tabacco somehow.just inhale the smoke for about 5 seconds then just exhale.and yea it would be better if you just stay at.

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