Actual Length Of A Year

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A year of 365 days is a quarter of a day short of our actual year. Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar with a year of 365.25 days in 45 BC. As a result of this short-fall in the calendar year in Egypt, actual astronomical events were discrepant by one day every 4 years.

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For the actual/actual basis, the fraction of a year is calculated as: (Actual Days between Start Date and End Date)/(Actual Days between Start Date and exactly one year after Start Date) There are 61 days between 31-Jul-2015 and 30-Sep-2015. Since the next year is a leap year, there are 366 days between 31-Jul-2015 and 31-Jul-2016.

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For half of the year, the Sun would be up between 12am and 12pm, and for the other half, it would be between 12pm and 12am.. That’s nothing to do with the actual length of the day, but still.

Background : The true length of a year on Earth is 365.2422 days, or about 365.25 days.

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